Why Are We Fighting Ourselves?

I volunteer with a number of groups in the area, and have friends with ties to even more, and one thing that I’ve noticed, especially lately, is that the various groups, regardless of who their core constituencies are, don’t seem to want to collaborate with each other. As someone who truly loves my community, this is disheartening at best. There are already entire businesses with the sole purpose of promoting tourism, but who is out there to speak to the people who already call the Lehigh Valley home? Why is an event that isn’t directly generating revenue unworthy of promotion?

I’m tired of hearing people complain that there’s nothing to do, because there is something going on almost every night of the week, for all different demographics. I’m sick of groups ignoring each other and sometimes seeming to program against each other. Who is that helping?

There is a definite need that isn’t being met, and I’m not sure how to go about filling it, but I think it warrants more discussion and I’d love to know what you think. How can we help promote all of the fantastic events and ongoing programs that are taking place in our community?