What’s More Important?

"VOTE" with a person's feet making the letter V

Photo by Theresa Thompson – Flickr

There’s something about Presidential election cycles that gets people talking. Sometimes it’s good. Often it’s ridiculous, but it’s almost always interesting in its own way. Lately the conversation seems to be around how Bernie Sanders isn’t a real Democrat and that he’s not doing things to help the party as a whole, so if you’re a Democrat you should vote for Hillary Clinton.


I’ve been registered as “No Party” since I was 18 (Pennsylvania’s version of “Independent”) so I obviously am biased, but when you’re thinking about the candidate you support, what they stand for, and their vision, what’s more important to you, the future of their political party, or the future of our country?

If you’re a registered Democrat and are legally allowed to vote in Pennsylvania’s primary on April 26, 2016 (Pennsylvania has a closed primary), take some time to really think what’s more important, your party, or your country?