How To Write In A Candidate

When you go to your polling place tomorrow and are ready to vote, depending on which county you live in, the instructions for how to write in a candidate are slightly different. Below I’ve listed the instructions from the Lehigh and Northampton County websites.

If you live in Northampton County

  1. Press the Write-In Square for the chosen office.
  2. The arrow will flash. The arrow will continue flashing until the write-in is complete or until the square is pressed a second time to deselect the write-in.
  3. Using the write-in keypad below the ballot, key in the name you wish to write-in. You will see the letters appear in the window to the left of the keypad.
  4. If you make an error on a write-in, press the left arrow key to move back. To make a space, press the right arrow key.
  5. When you are finished keying the name, press Enter on the write-in keypad.

If you live in Lehigh County

  1. Touch the check box beside Write-In
  2. A touch keyboard appears on the screen
  3. Type in the candidates name exactly as it should appear
  4. Touch the Record Write-In button to record this candidate, or touch the Cancel button to return to the ballot without recording a candidate’s name.

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