Receipt Rounding

I travel pretty frequently for my job. Because of this, I end up eating at quite a few restaurants every month. Since I’m billing clients for my meals I have to be careful with how I tip and I’m also sure not to lose any receipts, because I want to be reimbursed for my expenses.

Within the last few weeks I’ve had an experience with two different restaurants, in two entirely different parts of the country, where my receipt was rounded up to the next dollar. I signed the credit card receipt for one amount, and they took it upon themselves to just round up.

Could I fight it with my bank? Probably, but how much is my time worth? I’d have to navigate the myriad automated menus on the phone to get this “right” and I don’t even know if the bank could adjust the amount. I don’t want to not pay for my meal, I just want to be charged the amount I agreed to on my receipt.

I can’t think that this is in any way OK, and I’m betting that they are hedging their bet that people aren’t going to fight charges that are only a few cents difference, but cents add up over time, and at best it’s not cool. This is dishonest and because of that lack of trust I will not be dining at Logan’s Roadhouse in Yukon, OK or Baron’s Pub in Suffolk, VA ever again.

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