How Do You Define Yourself?

When you have to introduce yourself, how do you go about it? Aside from stating your name, depending on the context you may say where you live, where you went to school, your political affiliation, where you work, or maybe that you’re so-and-so’s friend. Associations with external entities are a quick way to give someone else a sense of who you are, but how do you define who you are to yourself? As I thought about it, I realized it was mainly in those external terms, but I’ve also come upon a problem: What do you do when those things that are not you, that you associate yourself with, but are not under your power, change?

Sure, we’re all changing all the time, but how does your sense of self change when something that used to be a key part of your sense of self lets you down, or decides they no longer want anything to do with you? What happens when everything you thought you were a part of is gone and you’re all that’s left? What makes you, you?

One thought on “How Do You Define Yourself?

  1. Such a good question! We’ll chat. I’ll share the first time this happened to me, and the advice my dad gave me. This is a tough thing. I continue to struggle myself as we all change, people expect us to be something that we won’t always be…

    Good post!

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