How Can We Fix Congress?

I’ve posted before about our dysfunctional federal government and in the past few days our Congress has shown that it’s still just as unable to get things done in a timely manner as it was during the summer of 2011 when I wrote that earlier post. Here’s what I can’t seem to wrap my head around: Our government, including Congress, is regulated by laws. The only entity that creates laws is Congress. In order to fix the broken system we need new laws, but the only body that can create them is the very group of people who would be reigned in by such new regulations. Based on what I’ve observed, I don’t see any lawmakers voting for a bill that would give them “less power” even if it would benefit the greater good.

Am I missing something? How can we fix this? The executive branch and judicial branches don’t have the power to create laws and the answer of “don’t vote for any incumbents” doesn’t seem to work because the attitude of “well, it’s not my rep that’s the problem, it’s the other person” is ridiculously pervasive. Help.

One thought on “How Can We Fix Congress?

  1. One day in November every two years we all have the same say and power. That’s how we change them. The ones who want work and compromise for the sake of a nation we literally change them. We send their incompetent asses home. We have to stop sending extreme on either side to congress. Judging your vote for someone by how many times they call the president names or send one up for Jesus in a 15 min speech has gone insane. We need steady and progressive workers in congress.

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