Where Should We Eat Dinner?

This is the second year I’ve been volunteering at the information booth for Bethlehem’s Christmas City Village and the number one question I get from tourists is, “Where should we eat dinner?” I respond with, “What are you in the mood for?” and am usually met with, “something good.” Sure, that gives me a lot to go on.

With loads of stale or missing data out there on the various search engines, review and social check-in sites I’ve decided to do what I can to inventory the small businesses downtown, if for no other reason than to make my job easier while I’m giving out information, but it may not be a bad resource for other people to use in the long run. It’s a bit of reinventing the wheel, but it’ll be a fun project and it’s always fun to learn more about where I live. I’m not sure what will be the best way to display the data, but initially I’ll be surveying things on foot listing:

  • name
  • address
  • GPS coordinates
  • hours of operation
  • a brief description of what they do/sell

What additional information do you think I should collect? What do you think would be the most useful way to share it?