A Change In Routine

I was told by a friend that sometimes a change in routine is just what you need to try to break out of a rut. I think she was right.

Yesterday I wasn’t having a very good day and during my time at work I really didn’t want to go for a run when I got home. I know that when I’m not there mentally that my runs for go well, and then, upon seeing my terrible results I feel even worse, so what did I do yesterday? I didn’t run.

That’s not to say that I gave up on running, but I took a mental health day from running and instead I power washed my sidewalks. It took about three hours and while I ran out of light before I got done, I managed to put some of my stress into doing something productive.

So I think my friend was right. If you’re feeling stuck, try changing your routine. It’s amazing what even a small bit of change can do.


So What Happened?

Last night I posted that a loud bang was heard near my house and a conversation began on Twitter about it. What was the outcome? I satisfyingly enough, no one is really sure. I do know that while it was heard near my house it was also heard by my friend who lives about 3/4 of a mile away, so it wasn’t insignificant.

With the big bang of June 23rd going down as an unsolved mystery it just makes me wonder how many other things go on that never get reported, that no one ever finds out about. I’m not saying that I long for a nanny state or one where big brother watches everything we do, but it is a bit unsettling to know that big explosions can occur and no one does anything about it.



After a long day outside doing yard work getting sunburnt I settled down to veg for the evening. This usually entails watching whatever is on television and getting up to speed with whatever I missed on Twitter.

One cool thing about Twitter, of which there are many, is the ability to unobtrusively mention someone and have them notified that you were talking about them. A little after 10 pm I heard a very large, suspicious explosion. Instead of wondering what it was I immediately tweeted about it with my neighbor, who also heard the noise.

Texting after 10 pm is just plain rude, unless you know the person is expecting you, but a simple tweet can enable a whole conversation about real life, about things going on in the world besides an Instagram of your feet in a tanning bed.

I still don’t know what that noise was, but I am thankful that there are tools that can facilitate a discussion about it. Oops, gotta go, apparently there’s a new development.


Out The Window

I had a number of ideas for today’s post, and perhaps I should have gotten it composed sooner because now that I finally have time to write it some breaking news just makes anything I was going to comment on seem inconsequential. You already know what it was and I’m not going to comment on it.

I know that the minimum for the 90 in 90 is at least 100 words, and this is likely going to be seen as a cop out post. Well, it kind of is, but I want to stick to my pledge to post daily, even if all of my ideas got thrown out the window.


What’s In Your Spare Room?

Today everything I’d planned to be doing went awry. From a high profile event that had to be canceled to a pressure washer part that needed to be special ordered, nothing worked out. Instead I spent much of the day doing something I’d been meaning to for months: cleaning out the spare bedroom.

When I bought my house last Fall I ended up putting everything that didn’t have a “home” in the spare bedroom. After a while that became the place where everything I didn’t want to bother to put away properly ended up. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

It had gotten so overwhelming that every time I considered cleaning it up I took one look and said, “where do I begin?” I think in a lot of ways this spare bedroom can be an analogy of a lot of parts of my life and in many respects, a lot of people’s lives. Things just get pushed aside, and pushed aside and when you consider dealing with the issue, it’s so big you just let it sit back there out of sight.

The problem is, just like my spare bedroom, those problems don’t go away just because you close the door and look the other direction. The good news is, if you take the time to start to unpack and get organized, even if you don’t get everything sorted out, it suddenly becomes more manageable.

I may not have gotten everything put away exactly where I think it will go, but now things are grouped together and the insurmountable seems a whole lot more reasonable. Now I just need to take my own advice and apply this to some other areas of my life.

I’m sure you’ve got your own “spare room” full of things you’re not dealing with. Do yourself a favor and take a look at it. It may not be quick, and it probably won’t be easy, but you’ll be glad you did.