Hard To Spend

Those of you that know me are aware that I’m a big advocate of living on a written budget and saving up for things instead of buying on credit. This has helped me tremendously in the nine months since I bought my house. It’s given me peace of mind to know that I’ll have enough for all of my regular bills and my emergency fund is sitting idly by just in case something happens.

That said, because I now have all of the bills that are associated with a house and the same income as before buying, the rate at which I’m able to save has slowed tremendously.

When I moved in I knew there were certain improvement projects that I could work on right away because they were low or no cost (aside from my own labor). Other things like painting, replacing carpet and such were going to have to wait. Well, now that I’ve actually saved the money I am having a hard time actually spending it.

In the past when I was saving for something it was easy to spend the money because the item or service (or tax, yuck) had a set price or due date. These lesser defined “home improvements” that don’t have to be done this second, or for any specific amount are harder to pull the trigger on.

Have you ever had a hard time going through with spending after you’ve saved for a long time?


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