Stark Contrast

Today the Supreme Court released its ruling on the Affordable Care Act. In doing so it unleashed a crapstorm of opinions. It also exposed something pretty interesting about the different social media platforms that I participate in. Aside from people making fun of CNN for misinterpreting the ruling and saying that the law had been struck down when it hadn’t, Twitter erupted with a myriad of views about the affordable care act. There was certainly a liberal bias, but by and large it was a pretty centrist discussion.

Facebook on the other hand was like a crazy right-wing conspiracy theory convention with HUGE comment threads/arguments. There was an abundance of people saying that this was evil, we’re all doomed, why should my tax dollars support this, you name it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on the matter and far be it from me to tell someone that they’re wrong, but why do you think that Facebook is more full of opposition? I certainly don’t follow or friend ignorant people, so it’s not that one group is smarter than the other.

What do you think? Why are people with conservative viewpoints more likely to express them privately on Facebook than in public on Twitter?


One thought on “Stark Contrast

  1. What an interesting observation, Todd! And so true. Wow.

    Did you see the Buzz Feed thread of the people threatening to move to Canada to get away from the socialized medicine? Yeah.

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