After a long day outside doing yard work getting sunburnt I settled down to veg for the evening. This usually entails watching whatever is on television and getting up to speed with whatever I missed on Twitter.

One cool thing about Twitter, of which there are many, is the ability to unobtrusively mention someone and have them notified that you were talking about them. A little after 10 pm I heard a very large, suspicious explosion. Instead of wondering what it was I immediately tweeted about it with my neighbor, who also heard the noise.

Texting after 10 pm is just plain rude, unless you know the person is expecting you, but a simple tweet can enable a whole conversation about real life, about things going on in the world besides an Instagram of your feet in a tanning bed.

I still don’t know what that noise was, but I am thankful that there are tools that can facilitate a discussion about it. Oops, gotta go, apparently there’s a new development.


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