Seriously, Trim Your Trees

Maybe this post officially makes me an old man, but now that I’m running regularly I’ve been getting miffed by people who have overgrown vegetation on their property. Far be it from me to tell anyone how to or not to cut their grass or trim the hedges on their own property, but when it starts to encroach on public space, that’s where I think I have a small right to complain. (OK, maybe I don’t, but this bugs me.) I know in a lot of places there are ordinances to not have that stuff crowding sidewalks, but if that’s so in Bethlehem, I don’t know that they’re doing anything about it.

I’m sure the city has better things to do than going around citing people for not having enough clearance on their trees, but some places I pass by, on pretty major streets mind you, don’t even have five feet of headroom for someone to walk under their tree branches, or bushes growing half way out into the sidewalk. I know everyone is busy, but please, take some time once a year to cut back your overgrown plants. It will not only make it less of a nuisance to walk down the sidewalk past your house, but it will look nicer too.


One thought on “Seriously, Trim Your Trees

  1. This is a personal pet peeve of mine, we have sidewalks for the express purpose of not having to walk in the street yet so many people don’t trim their trees and we have to duck when walking (or running) or else walk in the street! Tony and I were just dealing with this last night while taking a walk after dinner and it is very annoying.

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