Send Thoughts To Karen

Yup, I admit it, this post is late. Yesterday was just a generally draining day for me and after I got home from work I really didn’t want to, but I ran 5 miles, then proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa after eating dinner. I even had a few post ideas in mind, but that all went out the window when I saw some bad news on Facebook this morning.

I found out that my friend Karen is in the hospital recovering from Toxic Shock Syndrome as a result of a strep infection. She and I only met a few times, but we talked on twitter almost daily. She’ll be 30 in a few weeks and she and her husband have two little girls at home. Whether you’re religious or not, the power of positive thought can do some incredible things, so please send some good thoughts Karen’s way.


2 thoughts on “Send Thoughts To Karen

  1. That is really scary, and it is awful to find out about things like that through facebook. I hope she gets better soon!

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