Under The Wire

The past few data have left me struggling to come up with a topic to post about. I’m trying to remember back to last summer and how I kept coming up with things to talk about, but it seems like at the time things just hit me and I was able to start writing, even if it was just a paragraph or two.

This time around I’m barely making it in under the wire. Yeah, I’m getting at least 100 words and it’s posted before midnight, but the quality of topics has been low. How do you come up with topics for slow days? Do you write posts ahead of time?

What I’m thinking of doing is starting a list of topics to write about and then if I don’t have something about my day that inspires me I can at least fall back on the list to have an interesting subject instead of a meta post like this where I’m posting about not knowing what to post about.


One thought on “Under The Wire

  1. If I’m struggling with something to write about, I pick a random memory from my past and tell a story. I’ve found that one of the things I hope my blog will be is for my kids to read in the future. They may have questions about their past, or my past. I hope to pull the stories out before my brain is addled by old age.

    I’ve often wondered what my mom was dealing with and what she was thinking about when I was a kid.

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