It Must Be A Sign

This morning as I got home from running I noticed some chalk arrows on the street near my house. I didn’t think too much of it, maybe some kids playing. Then, about half an hour later some police motorcycles went down my street. Not only do we not see the police often by my house, but especially not on motorcycles. Then, just as the last officer passed a kid that looked to be about high school aged came running down the street.

Watching him glide along so effortlessly and so quickly told me that I really have a long way to go. Then, another kid ran past, then more, and more people. Apparently there was a 5k through my neighborhood today. I don’t know who facilitated it (none of the runners were wearing bibs) or who it benefitted, but as I mowed my lawn and people made their way past my house at varying speeds and levels of stress it hit me that as much as it’s sometimes painful or less than fun to get out and run (especially in the heat or the rain) I’m glad I’m doing it. I may not be graceful and effortless like the guy at the front of the race, but I’m doing much better than some of the guys who seemed to be in it just to impress a girl, and were really struggling in the process.

I don’t know if I’ll join an organized race any time soon. I’m still too slow by my own standards and I know that for me personally I would not be motivated by having tons of people pass me, but today felt like a sign, that I’m doing the right thing. I’m going to stick with my new habit of running at least every other day (weather and schedule permitting) because while I’m slow, and I still have a bit of a belly, I just feel better.


3 thoughts on “It Must Be A Sign

  1. That might have been the Freedom 2 Liberty 4 mile race. Rob and I both ran in it and the course had police escorts. You should try a 5K race. The local races are fun and fairly low key. There’s a great 5k/10k in August at the LV Zoo.

  2. With the way you’re running, you’d probably do better than you think if you raced. Plus, if you line up at the back, you’ll be passing people the entire way. But remember: you don’t need to race. That’s a decision for you to make, not others. If you’re enjoying the multiple benefits of running then you’ve already won.

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