I’m not sure whose idea it was to do a 90-in-90 round two, but after seeing my good friend Silagh’s post about starting up again this summer, I thought it’d be worthwhile for me to join in too. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about myself when I did the 90-in-90 challenge last year. Why did I stop? Well, I bought a house and that ended up taking up a lot of my time and energy.

In addition to my blogging coming to an almost dead stop, I also started putting on weight after I bought a house. About 20 pounds worth. Back in March I started running in an effort to lose the weight I’d put on. While I’m now up to running 5+ miles non-stop, I’ve somehow managed to GAIN another eight pounds. Time for a reboot.

That said, I’ll be challenging myself to not only complete the 90-in-90 challenge round 2, but also to get back to healthy eating and, assuming my knee doesn’t fall off, to continue running. If you’re participating in the 90-in-90 challenge, be sure to leave a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Reboot

  1. I think running is awesome, but remember that there are many other exercises that you could do (either in addition or instead of) to give your knee a break. Don’t ruin your bones now!

  2. It’s your IT band. Do you have tightness and pain to the top and sides of the knee? Best way to minimize it is to foam roll or use a rolling pin over the outer side of your thigh from the outer part of the knee to your hip to break up the scar tissue and allow the area to heal. Ice your knee, also. IT band pain is one of the most common running ailments – mostly from overuse, heel strike, weak glute muscles, and muscle tightness.

    I’ve been plagued by IT band tightness lately, too. I had also went on hiatus from heavy lifting and now that I started lifting again it’s subsiding.

    • Actually, it’s between my kneecap and shin that hurts. I’m far from a medical expert, but based on how you describe it, I don’t think this is an IT band issue. I’ve been stretching before and after runs and icing when I get home. It doesn’t hurt much if at all when I am actually running, it starts a few hours later and then will last for a day or so.

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