Not Even Worth A No

Recently I’ve encountered something that I’m not quite sure how to deal with. In the end, I’m not sure there’s anything I can do about it, but I’d like to understand why it’s happening.

We live in an age of connectivity and just about everyone I know has more than a few ways to reach them. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Text Message, Skype, you get the idea. Why is it then, that when people are out there chatting it up, that they feel that it’s OK to not respond to a direct question? To just stop talking?

As an example, I was messaging with someone recently and I suggested we meet up for drinks. Immediately the conversation stopped. Did their phone die? Internet cut out? That’s not likely, since they went on to create other content online just moments after abandoning our conversation.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but it’s becoming a disturbing trend. People seem to feel that I’m not even worth saying “no” to, they just don’t respond at all. The problem doesn’t exist in person, since being face to face, the other party pretty much has to respond somehow, but why is just ignoring someone who you’re having an electronic conversation with considered OK?

I’ve tried to figure this out for months and I just don’t get it. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Not Even Worth A No

  1. Todd, I think it is kind of like when we were in high school and when someone “cooler” came along we got dumped or ignored. I could be off base, but that is what it seems like to me.

  2. Yep…just like back in school! But something else just occurred to me, is it possible that these people are technology challenged and perhaps they get another message and they don’t realize how to get back to you? I know it sounds like a longshot but I know alot of people that truly have NO clue!

    • Trust me, it’s not a technological limitation. It occurs with texting, facebook messaging, tweeting, etc. They then go on to create other content, so it’s not like they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s that they are choosing to not acknowledge me. The question is why am I not worth an response? Even a “no” is better than nothing at all.

      • Ok Todd, so the positive side to all of this is that they have saved you alot of wasted time & effort…you don’t have to bother being friends with them right from the beginning!

  3. You know, I think it’s because our society, sadly, is moving toward feeling a sense of entitlement. I often find it so odd how so many individuals think it’s completely fine to tell their entire life story via Twitter and FB and make it public knowledge. I think there are few people (me.. you) who find it normal to be responsible for caring for one another! Isn’t that our duty as a human being? GEEZ! Sadly, many don’t even say hello when walking into a room with only me sitting there? I find this so odd. And so, people not responding- it’s becoming the norm. They don’t take responsiblity for their own actions/ behaviors and they don’ t care who they don’t talk to! I’m traditional but yet understand that things shift/change. Basic politeness should not be abandoned. But, I think it is. I give that a thumbs down. I clap and cheer when I meet a nice person anymore. Sad state of affairs..

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