Better Restaurant Websites

I’ve often been of the opinion that you shouldn’t complain about something if you’re not willing to offer a solution. Well, If you’re like me you’ve probably noticed how terrible most restaurant websites are. Not easy to use, especially on a mobile device, missing important information (like hours, or a menu, I mean, who would want to see either of those things?) or have some crazy background music that you can’t turn off. Today I discovered the website which has tips for restaurants to make their websites, well, better.

Take a look and I’m sure you’ll identify with their suggestions. If you know anyone with a restaurant, tell them to take a look. Even if they don’t take all of the suggestions, even implementing a few will improve their site which will make customers, or potential customers, happier. That in turn, should make them more money and isn’t that why they have a website to begin with?

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