Almost There

This past week I was able to get a lot done on the house. The asbestos remediation was completed on Thursday and came in on budget and even though I had a bit of a freak out moment when watching Holmes Inspection about possible hidden asbestos in my attic, I checked in a few places up there and believe my house is asbestos-free.

Thanks to the urging of my friend Jeremy I joined Angie’s List and used it to find a locksmith who came out and did a fine job rekeying my doors. It was more than I would have wanted to pay, but it was cheaper than buying all new door knobs.

I managed to get all of my interior receptacles and light switches replaced. GFCI receptacles in the kitchen and bathroom and every receptacle in the house is tamper resistant. I still have to get to the outdoor receptacles and then I can have code enforcement come out to give me my certificate of occupancy.

I was able to move most of my “stuff” over to the house and I don’t think I’ll end up needing a moving truck, which is good because it’ll save me some money and if I am interpreting the way it’s worded on the City of Bethlehem’s website, I won’t need a moving permit. The only things left to bring over are my bed, desk, dresser and clothes. If everything goes as smoothly as it has the past two weekends I should be “moved in” on Saturday.

My trash was collected on Friday, on schedule, so unlike my friend Michele who has garbage woes, I don’t think I’ll have an issue, though they haven’t dropped off my can yet. When I called today to check on it I was told I’d have one within the week and that they were a little behind schedule due to running out of new cans.

I’m waiting to call the cable company to come out until I can undo the wiring that the previous owner had that was looped around the outside of the house and in through a window, not to mention how it was run under carpets and was just slapped in without much care. Once I have the wiring run properly I’ll have someone come out and run a wire in through the wall of the garage which is how it should have been done in the first place.

I still have to find a heating oil delivery company, but I don’t think that will be too difficult. If anyone has a service that they recommend, let me know.

I’ve managed to spend entirely too much money at Lowe’s and Home Depot and I’m sure it’s only the start. I’m learning quite a bit but it’s not overwhelming, yet. My mortgage mess is slowly getting resolved, thanks to my amazing Realtor, Tammy Huk, who has been sticking up for me. While I’m sure Mr. Lehigh Valley with Love won’t be happy about it, I don’t foresee any big parties within the near future, but my new house is slowly becoming a home.

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