Here Comes The Sun

As just about anyone who lives in Pennsylvania can tell you, we’ve gotten a lot of rain recently. So much rain in fact that areas that haven’t flooded in decades are now deep underwater and the waters aren’t expected to recede below flood stage for a few days. While I’ve been fortunate enough to escape direct flood damage I have been affected by the rain in another way, it’s been an excuse for me to exercise less and eat more.

I haven’t been out for a walk during my lunch break in over a week and the dreary weather has had me feeling less than wonderful and when I’m bummed I tend to medicate that with eating. I’m not eating anywhere as much as I used to, but I have noticed I’m snacking more than I’d like. The scale has crept up a few pounds and I’m just feeling sluggish. All this after only a week or so.

Today the Sun finally peeked out from behind the persistent clouds and things are looking good for the next few days. Tomorrow I’ll be volunteering at Bethlehem VegFest, so hopefully that will have me doing quite a bit of walking around and any eating I do during the day should be healthier since it’s a vegetarian/vegan festival. The trick will be getting back on the healthy eating and exercise routine next week when I head out of town for a few days on a business trip where I’ll be dealing with larger restaurant portions the entire time.

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