The End Of Summer

With today being Labor Day I see a lot of chatter about how it’s the end of Summer and how that stinks, etc. Maybe it’s just me, but looking back, I can’t say that there is anything about the Summer of 2011 that made it special or memorable. I guess it’s my own doing, or possibly that I’m still seeking something that I haven’t quite figured out how to define.

I volunteered at Mayfair, became the President of the Penn State Lehigh Valley Alumni Society, went to a leadership conference hosted by the Penn State Alumni Association, turned 30, started writing a blog entry every day, volunteered at Musikfest, attended Das Awkscht Fescht and Wheels of Time’s Rod and Custom Jamboree, oh, and in the middle of August I decided I wanted to buy a house.

While that may appear to be an impressive list, Summer 2011 leaves me feeling unfulfilled, but while I may not be what I would call happy, I think I’ve managed to learn and grow, which is a good thing. I’m hopeful for the future, even though I’m not sure how things are going to improve in the short term. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to find what I’m looking for.

One thought on “The End Of Summer

  1. Definitely will. Sounds like an eventful summer for sure. But, if you’re not fulfilled, or doing the things that really make you excited to go out and live, it doesn’t seem worth it. I think of all of the “things” we’re all looking for, that excitement tops everything. The greatest part about that, to me, is that if you’re willing to push yourself, and test the uncommon (and think and behave abnormally), your chances are pretty good. Hope the house thing is going well.

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