Mortgage Application Day

Today I went over to the bank to officially apply for my mortgage. The meeting was pretty painless and lasted about 45 minutes. The mortgage officer was very nice, took the time to explain all of the forms I was signing and answered my questions without being condescending (something I’ve heard other people have experienced when applying for mortgages at other banks). I locked in at a low rate and I don’t anticipate any problems. I did get a phone call from the mortgage officer this afternoon asking for some paperwork and it turns out it was in the packet of information I gave him, he just missed it.

After applying for the mortgage I got an “official check” from the bank for my second deposit on the house. With all of my earlier concern about getting that check, it was just as easy as any other teller transaction. I’ll be stopping by my Realtor’s office tonight to drop off the check.

I also heard from my Realtor that while the seller wasn’t happy about me asking for a concession for the asbestos remediation they did agree to it. That’s a good thing because I don’t think anyone wants to keep asbestos around any longer than necessary and I feel that the amount I asked for was very reasonable.

The next step in this process for me is to get quotes on insurance and choose an insurance provider. I have a few phone calls out and hopefully within the next week I’ll be able to choose an insurance company.

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