Well Grounded

After freaking out about the non-grounded outlets yesterday and talking with two certified electricians on how to remedy the situation I made an appointment to meet with my Realtor over at the new house to make sure that the outlets were in fact not grounded. Luckily, even though the existing 3-prong outlets weren’t wired properly, there was a ground wire hiding in the back of the receptacle box, so I can easily have safely grounded outlets throughout the house without a rewire. The only outlet that I checked that didn’t have a ground in sight was the bathroom, but that may be hiding in the wall. Even if I do have to run a ground to that outlet, that’s one outlet instead of a few dozen.

While the electrical situation turned out to be better than expected thanks to double-checking with better information, it was confirmed that the wrapping on the HVAC lines in the crawl space and laundry room was asbestos. I got a quote from a contractor for proper removal and will be asking the seller for a credit to cover the cost of remediation and disposal.

Now that “issues” the home inspection turned up were confirmed and a fix for the asbestos was quoted my Realtor completed the Response to Inspection paperwork. I signed it and it will be on its way to the seller so they can either accept my request for a credit, reject it, or counter offer. Since any buyer would have to deal with the asbestos issue, hopefully the seller will give me the credit.

Tomorrow is a big day. I’ll be officially applying for my mortgage and getting a check cut for my second deposit. Things continue to move along pretty smoothly and unless my Realtor gets sick of me and decides to wring my neck, I should still be closing on September 30.

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  1. I love the title of your blog post…very catchy! I also officially promise not to wring your neck and believe it or not, the worst part is over.

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