“I don’t care.”

I’m not sure why, but hearing that response to a question drives me nuts. Whether it’s asking where someone wants to go for dinner, what they want to do, or any number of opinion questions, it seems like it’s the new norm for people to not have an opinion. That, or they’re afraid to express it.

I can’t believe that someone wouldn’t have an opinion on something. If that’s the case, then why are so many people unwilling to make a choice? If you were on your own, you’d pick something, so when someone else asks you, why won’t you tell them your preference?

Is it because you want to make the other party happy by allowing them to pick something that they would prefer? Is it because you’re afraid that the rest of the group may disapprove of your decision? I remember seeing behavior like this as a kid, but it’s just as pervasive among adults and I can’t figure it out.

I can understand that what platz to go to next at Musikfest may be an inconsequential decision, but if someone asks you a question, it’s because they respect your opinion and want to know what you think. Don’t you think that deserves a response? Oh, right, you don’t care.

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