The Easy Way

Today I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year and he complimented me on losing a ton of weight. I was grateful, but his immediate question was one that I’ve heard from just about every single person I know, “What’s your secret?” When I respond with the truth, which is eating smaller portions and discipline, I’m met with a look of dismissal. It’s not that the other party doesn’t believe me, but I’m convinced it’s because they were hoping for a shortcut to success.

The old saying of “nothing worthwhile comes easy” is true, but it seems that just about everyone has forgotten that, or just plain doesn’t believe it. In our overhyped world of get rich quick schemes, diet pills and instant gratification, no one wants to work for anything. In the two areas of my life that I’ve seen huge success in over the past few years, neither one of them involved complicated methods or a phone call to a 1-800 number at 2 AM “while supplies last,” but they did take a long time and dedication.

Just like when you hear a comment along the lines of “if that cheater had spent the same amount of time studying as they did on devising a way to cheat they would have aced the test,” instead of wasting your time and effort looking for the easy way out, why not do what you know works? It may not be instantaneous like the snake oil salesmen on television promise with their products, but unlike that piece of exercise equipment that promised you the perfect body and is now being used as a clothing rack in your basement, keeping it simple and taking a path that’s been proven to yield results will lead you to success in less time than you think. Because it took effort, you’ll be more likely actually stick with it over time and make it a life long change.

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