Sometimes I wonder how I get into the situations I find myself in. Today I woke up in a hotel on a business trip. I worked all day, then drove five hours home. Instead of taking my time to relax, unpack a bit and decompress, what am I doing? Rushing to get my 90 in 90 post done so I can head over to stand in line to see the new Harry Potter movie that comes out at midnight.

I always thought Harry Potter was kind of neat, I’d seen some movies and this past fall I my friend Vanessa loaned me the books. Now I know why so many people love the series. The books have a depth to them that a movie, no matter how hard it tries just can’t come close to. I’m not done with the series yet, and I’m really totally beat after my day, but I’m going to see the movie anyway, because it’s the last one, and who doesn’t want to be the first person to see the last of something?

It’s amazing how something that you barely paid attention to a year ago can suddenly be a major priority.

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