Knocked Down A Peg

Have you ever heard the term “market correction” before? It’s what financial investors call a short term price decline. Basically, it means that things have been going so good for so long, something has to give and the price of the stock dips. Today was a reminder that corrections aren’t restricted to financial markets.

Without getting into too much detail, I went from feeling pretty good about how things were going for me personally and professionally to being immediately knocked back on my heels and questioning everything that I had felt I’d been making progress on. Was it all bad? Probably not. It certainly stinks to have your ego put in check, but in the end the honest feedback I was given, while troubling, allowed me to become aware of things about myself that I’d not been able to see on my own.

Being knocked down a peg isn’t fun. At best it can be humbling, but just like anything in life it’s what you choose to do with the situation. I could have taken offense and brushed off what I had been told, or I could take some time, think it over and try to learn from it. I’m trying to do the latter, and hopefully in the end it will allow me to be a better person than if todays turn of events hadn’t occurred.

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