Staying Power

It’s my 15th post in the 90 in 90 challenge and already I’ve seen some attrition among the challengers. I won’t lie, writing a post every day is tough. You’d think coming up with 100 words per day would be no big deal, but coming up with something that you think other people would actually be interested in is another matter entirely. While I’m still writing every day I am struggling with something that I’ve had issues with my entire life: exercising.

I really thought that losing 55 pounds would be a motivator to start exercising regularly to actually build some muscle tone, but alas, a few weeks in and I’ve found myself skipping days. It just seems to easy to come up with an excuse to not exercise. It’s not that I don’t have the time, I can always find some way to fit it in, but most recently it’s been three things: it’s not fun, it’s hard and I’m not seeing any progress.

I didn’t expect to look like a bodybuilder after only a month of doing simple walking, running and calisthenics, but not seeing much of a visual change and not being able to do many more reps than when I started it’s discouraging. I’m really struggling here and I’m not sure what to do. I haven’t been gaining weight because I’ve been keeping my eating in check, but I’m not getting to where I want to be. How do you stay motivated to exercise?

2 thoughts on “Staying Power

  1. The age-old struggle for time and motivation. I hear ya. I have devised three strategies that in concert, usually lead to doing at least four workouts a week:
    – I adopted a dog who loves to run.
    – I found two friends who like to run about the same distance as I do, at the same speed I like to run. I meet each of them on the same morning every week. Sometimes one of us has to cancel, but usually 3 out of 4 weeks a month, we run. Even if it rains.
    – I schedule workouts in my calendar like appointments, so I don’t schedule anything during the time I should work out. Things come up, but then I just reschedule my workout for another time or day (sometimes stacking workout “bricks” – like a run before a swim or weights and a spin class).

    Good luck!

    • I can certainly see how having a workout buddy would help. One, because I’d be accountable to someone else and two because it would just be more fun. Thanks for the idea.

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