Plastic is everywhere in modern society. It’s in your toothbrush, the device you’re reading this blog post on, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and most regrettably, in far too many relationships. As a kid I was taught to “be yourself” and it’s a message that I am sure others have heard, but I seem to be one of the few who has embraced the concept. Whether it’s meeting a new group of people at a cocktail party, interacting on Twitter or dating, I see so many people pretending to be what they assume the other person wants them to be instead of just being proud of who they are.

Some choose to adapt to whatever the other person says and does even if it flies in the face of their values, some need a bit of liquid courage and will just be a part of the crowd, and some just flat out lie about who they are. I’m not sure what of those options is worst, but at some point the act starts to fall apart and at that point, what are you left with? Not much, because your entire relationship was not built on the other person liking you, they liked the person you were portraying.

I’ve never been “cool” or had a lot of friends, but I know that the ones I do have like me for who I truly am, faults and all. What “you” are you putting out there? The one that you think will have you the most liked, or the real you? I’ve made my choice and I’ve decided that while it may not be the most popular decision, I’m not plastic waiting for a mold or an actor on stage playing a role, I’m just me.

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